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Runnymede College

Calle Salvia 30 28109 La Moraleja Madrid, Spain
Tel: (+34) 916 508 302
Fax: (+34) 916 508 236

School Summary
curriculum UK;
GCE & IGCSE exams,

Runnymede College was founded as a private school in September, 1967, to provide a British education for English-speaking students of all nationalities who were resident in Madrid. In 1987 the primary school was inaugurated. Since 1990 the whole School has been in La Moraleja, a residential estate on the Burgos road, some 13 kilometres to the north of Madrid. Since 1993 it has been authorized by the Spanish Ministry of Education and Culture to have Spanish students. The school is regularly visited by British inspectors. Philosophy and Ethos The aims of the Runnymede College are: To provide an all-round, academic, liberal humanist education to all students regardless of their sex, race, religion or nationality. There is no religious instruction. To help each child to maximise his or her potential, whether intellectual, artistic or physical, by expecting high standards and using methods appropriate to achieve this. Health education is an integral part of the curriculum but also part of the way of life of the School. Smoking is forbidden. To encourage positive social attitudes: respect and consideration for others, of all ages, whether younger children, classmates or teachers, visitors, ancillary staff, secretaries or dining-room staff, groundsmen, etc. Good manners and personal cleanliness and appearance are considered very important. To encourage an international outlook, awareness of and respect for the different cultures represented among the students. Special importance at Runnymede College is given to helping students derive the maximum advantage from living in Spain. All students receive classes in Spanish language and where suitable literature, history and geography up to Year 11. This will be broadened to include Years 12 and 13 over the next three years. Spaniards and those who are bilingual follow courses of language and culture prescribed by the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science.


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